Lounge Pants Squares

43.95 EUR

ounge pants with two side pockets with a contrasting red trim, made of organic cotton with a check pattern. These trousers feature an elastic waistband and pleated hems.

Lounge pants squares - comfortable inhouse trousers

Let your children enjoy the warmth and comfort in the lounge pants squares of the "siskaxmundomelocotón" collection. Totally relax with cozy lounge pants, that's what we aim for! Nothing is better than a cosy afternoon in the protected atmosphere of your own living room.

Our responsibly made trousers are the perfect outfit for endless family moments, especially when its cold outside. Lounge pants squares with a nice stretch at the waist and 2 side pockets with a red accent.

And why not doing this with the whole family - for a real chill Twin! So don’t miss the adult section of the “siskaxmundomelocotón” collection. 

Designed in Belgium - Fabrics made in Spain - Garments made in Portugal
  • Sustainable produced in Europe
  • Made of 100% Organic Cotton
  • Shipment within 1-3 days


Organic cotton

Heavenly honest: Organic cotton is made from non-genetical modified plants and without the use of chemicals or pesticides. This way, local water resources remain untouched and there is no impact on the well-beign of the workers who pick cotton by hand. An organic approach is clearly of necessity and also avoids the large-scale greenhouse gas emissions of pesticide production.

We offer free shipping as from :

75 EUR for Belgium and the Netherlands
100 EUR for France, Germany, Spain, Austria, UK, Luxembourg
150 EUR for rest of EU

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