It's about bringing together a bunch of great people who enjoy working together.
It's about those silly moments.
It's about designing things that make you feel happy and proud.
It's about getting exited and overwhelmed when launching that new collection.

It's about moving mountains on one day and putting them all back on the very next.
It's about bumping onto opportunities you would have missed if it wasn't for this one crazy day when all seemed to go wrong.
It's about the positive energy you get when it all works out nicely.

It's about the thrill of it all !



We are the people behind mundo melocotón. 
Our modest little team consists of 3 happy people with a great sense of humor and a lot of passion for work :)


He is the one who is always doing his magic with bits and bytes, developing the greatest work tools and software, which makes things run smoothly over here. 
He manages just about everything in our warehouse and behind the scenes. 

Besides that he is FUNNY, an incredible cook, turning all kind of vegetables into a sensation, the most compassionate and amusing father to his children, and the dearest soulmate of Dauwke, which made them inseparably for already more then 16 years!

He kindly pushed Dauwke to start an own brand after he saw how she turned tiny bits of fabric into precious little gifts. After 8 years you could say that was a very good idea ;)



She is taking care of all things graphical and designs the complete mundo melocotón collection.
She is constantly pulling and pushing all the different buttons of the production machine: working together with the different factories, following up productions and developments of new styles and fabrics, visiting possible suppliers and building up new collaborations.

Besides that she is FUNNY, loves to taste Jan's wonderful cooking creations and enjoys to see how their 2 sons start to grow older while still keeping the pure and naive innocence of a child deep inside.

She loves being with people and making new connections on unforeseen occasions and is oh so happy she met Fien like that.


She is the one who's constantly on the road, making sure our customers are treated with the most friendly and professional service. Presenting our new and current collections and making sure we establish great business relationships with our shops.
She has become Dauwkes indispensable right hand, feeding her with important market insights gathered during her many customer visits and guiding her towards new developments.

Besides that she is FUNNY, loves attending international fairs with Dauwke, where they have a blast imitating all kind of Flemish dialects together. She is also the one behind the highly approved quote: "Remember, the solution lies always next to the problem."


Of course our team is strengthened by a great group of people who take care of everything down to the last detail: from the people in the ateliers who make our collection to the suppliers of high quality fabrics, from the photographers to the transporters to accountancy to ...

One by one they became indispensable. To us they all form part of mundo melocotón!