mundo melocotón sustainability
We like slow fashion


Although we also like to evolve and enjoy developing new things we truly believe in slow fashion.
Therefore it may not come as a surprise if you see items return every season. Why would a great fit be less valuable as soon as a season passes?  


Quality is key. We really value the reactions we get from our customers and are always so happy to hear that our products go from sibling to sibling, without losing on quality. We wouldn’t want to go for less!


Who made your clothes


We are proud to work with fine partners who also believe in the values we care about. 
So many people get involved in the process from a simple idea on our design table to the actual product in the shop. And every single one of them must be treated in a correct and ethical way.

In the past years we daily received world-wide queries from suppliers and factories, offering their skills or fabrics. Most of the time, the working conditions for the people are not very clear, and the prices often very low. This is not an option! 

We understand that whenever the price we would pay is low, someone else pays the price. 
We can guarantee our products come with a fair price for fair labor.

continuous improvement


There is not a single day that we are not concerned about the impact on how we do business.
This responsibility keeps us alert at all times. 

It involves working locally where possible, reducing waste wherever we can, constantly looking for sustainable ways of working. We can't
 neglect our impact on our environment. Not as a mum or dad, nor as a company. 
It’s also about the difference of just another marketing campaign versus an actual conscious state of mind.  

It comes with a lot of challenges, certainly as a small company. 
Therefore we truly believe continuous improvement is the way ahead.