Terms of service

All offers are free of obligations, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The offered prices are always including VAT, unless otherwise indicated.
Expenses for transport, shipment and customs are always for the account of the buyer. Unless otherwise indicated they are not included in the price or offer and will be charged separately.
By placing an order at mundo melocotón, the buyer agrees to the terms and conditions of sale of mundo melocotón and abandons his own conditions.
In order to be valid, all claims must be filed within 8 days following the day the goods were received.
Minor differences in colours and finishing of products ordered, due to manufacturing and accepted custom, can never be grounds for a claim.
Even if the goods are shipped carriage paid, the transport risk always falls to the buyer, unless the order placement expressly states otherwise.
In case of force majeure (war, riots, general or partial strikes or lock-out, exploitation accidents, fire, etc.) the seller is relieved of all responsibility concerning the non-performance of his obligations.
All delivered goods remain the property of mundo melocotón until complete payment of all invoices, expired or not. As long as mundo melocotón has an outstanding claim, it is entitled to reclaim the goods without prior notification.
Invoices are payable within the period stated on our invoices at our registered office.
All unpaid amounts at the expiration date are automatically increased with an interest of 10% per year as the invoice date. In case of non-payment within the agreed period, the amount due will be increased with 10% and a minimum of 50 Euro. All this by right of law, without the requirement of a notification of default.
In case of dispute, it is only the Belgian Court and in particular those of the judicial district of Ghent determined by the headquarters of mundo melocotón who are competent. Only the Belgian law is applicable.
All costs related to collection by legal means, including fees for mundo melocotón lawyers are for the account of the customer.
If according to the judgment of mundo melocotón the customer’s creditworthiness so requires, mundo melocotón is entitled to require, even after signing the agreement, that the customer places a guarantee as requested by mundo melocotón to cover the upcoming deliveries and mundo melocotón has the right to suspend all deliveries until said guarantee is has been provided and/or to one-sidedly modify the agreed payment conditions.