How to find the correct size?

Every baby or kid is different, so the following information is only an indication. Let me explain :) Size 50/56 means the baby would measure 50 to 56 cm's. A baby of this size is most commonly between 0 to 1 months. Of course this can always vary.

Taking the above into account you can read the sizes as follows:
Size 50|56 = 0 to 1 month
Size 62|68 = 3 to 6 months
Size 74|80 = 9 to 12 months
Size 86|92 = 18 to 24 months
Size 98 = 3 years
Size 104 = 4 years
Size 110 = 5 years
Size 116 = 6 years
Size 122 = 7 years
Size 128 = 8 years

Are the colors of the products shown in the webshop always consistent with the products delivered?

A color stays the same, so yellow is yellow and pink is pink, but a picture you see on the screen may look a bit different from the product itself. This depends, among other things, on your screen type and on your display settings. But even on the best screen, a picture will always look a little different than the actual product.