Siska x mundo melocotón Part 2

...and now for the ladies !


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A Sustainable Collab Collection

Together with presenter Siska Schoeters we launched an exclusive collab collection in 2019. The kids collection from 0 to 8 years was an instant hit, along with the matching twinning items. The subsequent Christmas edition for the whole family flew out the door!

Since we only got more enthusiasm for it, we have put our heads together again and created not one, not two but three new collections for the upcoming year 2021.

Siska Schoeters and Dauwke Van den Eynden (designer)

What can you expect?

  • A baby & kids collection up to 12 years old
  • Hooray! A complete women line !
  • 3 unique collections: January, February and March 2021
  • Sustainable fabrics - organic or recycled
  • Made in Europe  

About Siska Schoeters

Siska Schoeters (1982) is a Belgian radio and TV presenter.

She started in 2003 at Studio Brussel, the more alternative radio station of the Flemish public broadcaster.
She took her first steps towards TV with the pop quiz "Ohlalala" on Canvas. Soon followed a talk show with Bart Peeters and "De Club van Siska", a game show on Een.

After 15 years and all the same number of programs on STUBRU, it was time to switch to another radio station at the Flemish public broadcaster. A bigger one ;) So from January 2019 she worked on "De Madammen", the flagship of Radio 2.
In the meantime, she also made "Durf te vragen" for Een and was voted "Woman of the year" by the readers of Het Laatste Nieuws at the end of 2019.

In summer 2020 Siska made "De Vijver van Siska", a new radio program, from her own pond. The second season of "Durf te vragen" will be released in September 2020 and in the spring of 2021 she will present a new TV program on Eén together with Dieter Coppens.

All this is her secondary occupation :)
In her main occupation, Siska is the mother of the two most beautiful children in the world, Lucien (9) and Minnie (3) and she has the most loving sweetheart Tomas (De Soete), who always makes her laugh very hard.

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